District Officers


Michael McElroy
Ardent Mills

Rich Smith
Vice Chairperson
Grain Craft

Tracy Eustace
W.D. Patterson Co.

Ryan Baker
1st Exe. Committeeperson
Ardent Mills

2nd Exe. Committeeperson

David Byers
3rd Exe. Committeeperson
Ardent Mills

Central, Wheat State & Texoma Districts’ Joint Summer Conference

chateauFor three IAOM districts, the final days of July mean an annual trek into the Ozark Mountains and Branson, Missouri for the Summer Meeting and Technical Conference hosted by the Central District. Returning once again to Chateau on the Lake Resort Spa and Convention Center, the family-friendly event included a kick-off picnic, a day of technical presentations, and an allied trades social hour and lake-casual dinner to conclude the gathering. A total of 103 registrants traveled to Branson to participate in the Central/Wheat State/Texoma Districts’ event.

Steve Curran, General Mills, director of the host Central District, said he was delighted to see the increased number of millers and their families at the event.

“We exceeded last year’s number of both registrants and millers attending this year’s summer gathering, and I think it speaks to the value of this event and the location. So many of them bring the entire family and take an extra day or two to enjoy the Branson area.”

The Chateau on the Lake sits high atop a hill overlooking scenic Table Rock Lake and Branson, a well-known vacation destination. The event will be held there the next two years.

Mike Branson, Sefar, Inc., secretary/treasurer and Kojo Mensah, Lifeline Foods, Inc., vice chair for the district, took the lead in planning the event. Their efforts began many months prior to the opening dinner Thursday evening, as they reviewed potential technical presentations, coordinated efforts and needs with the hotel, and arranged the myriad of details that go into such an event.

“I am very pleased with the turnout for the event and am so happy to see so many family members included. I can’t thank the allied trades enough for the ongoing support to our districts and am so pleased to have had 16 tabletop presenters,” said Branson. “As this was my first time planning this event, I really appreciated the help from Carol Lashley of Great Western Manufacturing.  She not only provided me with excellent notes, but also gave her time to attend the event and help me with all the details.  Thanks also to the IAOM office, for all the planning support.”

Mensah served as moderator for the technical conference and IAOM Treasurer David Jansen, Siemer Milling Company, and IAOM Executive Vice President Melinda Farris provided updates regarding international and office activities prior to the start of presentations.

“I am truly grateful for all the technical speakers who gave their time and shared expertise at the conference. We had a nice mix of topics and I received a lot of positive feedback from attendees,” stated Mensah.

Frank Arthur of the USDA-ARS_CGAHR shared insights on aerosol insecticides and control of stored product insects to open the program. He was followed by Terry Bennett of Dekra Insight who provided updates on building a safety climate dashboard. Prior to the lunch break, three additional technical sessions occurred, Patrick Plumer of Food Protection Services shared information regarding fogging and spot fumigation, Bethany Steevens and Rachael Glenister of Unity Scientific discussed new technology in NIR spectroscopy, and Debbie Copelan of SAATI shared information about sieve stretching and frame preparation. A table top expo opened prior to lunch with sixteen allied trades partners participating.

Afternoon technical sessionBuffaloRidge-Bransons included Dave Ewald of Bratney Companies providing an overview of the OMAS Leonardo roller mill, Pamela Peckman of IFC discussed the industry’s prevention efforts, Frank Rita of MPI discussed metal control techniques, a crop update by Justin Gilpin of the Kansas Wheat Commission, and Steven Roth of Roth Chemical Company ended the day with his presentation on EcoBird, and non-hazardous bird repellent. Two of the districts met for business meetings following the closing remarks.

New officers elected and appointed for the coming year for the Central District included,
Director Steve Curran, General Mills, Kansas City, MO; Chairperson Michael Emert, Italgrani, St. Louis, MO; Vice Chairperson Travis Hawkinson, Ardent Mills, Alton, IL; Secretary/Treasurer Mike Branson, Sefar Inc., Kansas City, MO; 1st Exe. Committeeperson Ian Tillinghaust, Grain Craft, Kansas City, KS; 2nd Exe. Committeeperson James Mueting, General Mills, Carlisle, IA;  3rd Exe. Committeeperson Travis Schubert, Treehouse Foods, Excelsior Spings, MO; and Allied Trades Chairperson Bob Klasek, Nitta Corporation.

Wheat State District elections and appointments included Chairperson Michael McElroy, Ardent Mills, Wichita, KS; Vice Chairperson Rich Smith, Grain Craft, McPherson, KS; Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Eustace, WD Patterson, Newton, KS; 1st Exe. Committeeperson Ryan Baker, Ardent Mills, Newton, KS; 2nd Exe. Committeeperson Nathan Watson, ADM Milling Co., Salina, KS, and 3rd Exe. Committeeperson David Byers, Ardent Mills, Wichita, KS.

There were no changes in the Texoma District leadership.

Twenty-eight members turned out to fill up seven teams in a golf scramble at the Buffalo Ridge Springs Golf Course on Saturday morning. The 18-hole championship course designed by Tom Fazio, boasts views of Table Rock Lake and the Ozark Mountains. Most notable are the buffalo watching golfers from a number of locations along the fairways.

Central, Texoma and Wheat State Districts’ Joint Summer Technical Conference

July 28, 2017

Aerosol Insecticides and Control of Stored Product Insects
Frank Arthur, USDA-ARS-CGAHR

Building a Safety Climate Dashboard
Carey Bennett, Dekra Insight

Fogging and Spot Fumigation
Patrick Plumer, Food Protection Services

New Technology in NIR Spectroscopy
Bethany Steevens and Rachael Glenister, Unity Scientific

Sieve Stretching and Frame Preparation
Debbie Copelan, SAATI

Omas Leonardo Roller Mill
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies

Industries Eye on Prevention
Pamela Peckman, IFC

Metal Control Technologies
Frank Reda, MPI

Wheat Crop Update
Justin Gilpin, Kansas Wheat Commission

EcoBird – A Non-Hazardous Bird Repellent
Steven Roth, Roth Chemical Company