District Officers

David Byers
Ardent Mills

Michael McElroy
Ardent Mills

Ryan Baker
Vice Chairperson
Ardent Mills

Tracy Eustace
W.D. Patterson Co.

Kayle Lyman
1st Exe. Committeeperson
Grain Craft

Jeff Trillo
2nd Exe. Committeeperson
ADM Milling Company

Mike Ginal
3rd Exe. Committeeperson
Ardent Mills

The Wheat State District elected new officers at its recent meeting held on July 27 at the Chateau on the Lake in  Branson, Missouri. Pictured from left are:

District 1st Executive Committeeman Kayle Lyman, Grain Craft, IAOM Treasurer Randy Garvert, Ardent Mills; District Secretary/Treasurer Tracy Eustace, WD Patterson; and District Director David Byers, Ardent Mills.

Presentations made during the 2018 Central, Wheat State and Texoma Districts’ joint meeting in Branson, Missouri, USA.

Technical Session
July 27, 2018

Wheat Crop Update
Mark Hodges, Plains Grains, Inc.

Farmers – The Solution to Food Problems
Andrew Hoelscher, Farm Strategy

Sanitary Transport Best Practices
Ron Galle, ADM Milling

Multi-Generational Scramble
Emily Bowers, BEMA           

Fogging, Spot, and Pulse Fumigation
Patrick Plumer, Food Protection Services

Motion Amplification
Edward LaPreze, Pepper Maintenance

Are You An Insightful Leader
Emily Bowers, BEMA

Evolution of the Blower
Denis Lemoing, Gardner Denver

Bühler TUBO Conveyor
Daniel Ayd, Bühler

What’s New
Dillon Phillips, Bratney Companies