What is IAOM?

IAOM is the International Association of Operative Millers – and that’s a mouthful. Our members are working hard every day to make sure the food you are eating is safe and healthy – and the association helps them do their jobs better.

Founded in 1896, IAOM is an international organization of grain millers and allied trades representatives devoted to the advancement of education and training in the grain milling industries.

With 14 districts and regions around the world, IAOM provides an international forum for networking; the exchange of ideas, technical and educational opportunities; and the discovery of new products and services.

Membership in IAOM provides education and training that helps grain millers perfect their art. Interested in becoming a member of IAOM? Get started.

Working in the Mill
IAOM Education

Looking for new skills?

IAOM has something for everyone. Online courses. Distance learning. On-site training. Local meetings. If you need to get a leg up in your career, we have the resources to help you.

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