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Southeast Asia

6th Annual Southeast Asia District Conference & ExpoSEA 2014 group photo

Save the date for the 6th Annual Southeast Asia District Conference & Expo at the Pullman Central Park in Jakarta, Indonesia October 4-6, 2015.  Registration will open soon.

The district’s executive committee identified Bangkok, Thailand, as the location of its annual meeting in 2016.

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IAOM Technical Conference

Educational Sessions

What’s New in Wheat Preparation for Milling, Roger Cook, PETKUS

Flour Treatment without Chemicals – Fad or Future? Hendrick Moegenburg, Stern Ingredients Asia-Pacific

Creating Values for Millers in South East Asia, Erwin Sudharma, Buhler Indonesia

Sefar Nytal. The Fabric for Millers, Daniel Kinek, Sefar Switzerland

Advanced & New Technologies in Grain Milling, Thomas Heierli,  Buhler Thailand  

Wheat Quality Determination, Dr. Irfan Hashmi, GrainCorp Operations – Australia

 TOS 3000, Fischbein Packaging (S) Pte Ltd.

ALVEOLAB, SRC, Mixolab 2, Chopin Technologies

MSP Supersense Purifier, IMAS-MILLERAL

GlutoPeak, Brabender GmbH & Co. KG

Asia’s Rise and its Impact on Grain Logistics, Will Syers, Bunge

Gain from Packing Dense! Christian Helwig, FAWEMA

Trends of Grain Milling, Food Industry and their Role in Nutrition Security in India, Dr. Subrata Dutta, FFI-India

Hot Air – An Effective, Green Alternative, Dr. Raj Hulasare, Temp-Air

Main Cost Factors of Wheat Flour Mills, Ali Korkut, Alapala

Noodle Flour Production, Dr. Li Dongsen, Golden Grains Int.

Including SRC Test in Standard Flour Quality Control: The Whys. Arnaud Dubat, Chopin Technologies

Food Fortification Initiative (What Happened to Flour?) Dr. Jeff Gwirtz, JAG Services Inc.

About the Pre-Conference Workshop Presenter

Dr. Jeff Gwirtz earned a bachelor’s degree in milling science and management in 1979 and joined Cereal Food Processors as an assistant to the milling superintendent. Jeff became a production assistant in 1981 with Ralston Purina Company in Davenport, Iowa. He joined research and development at Ralston Purina Company’s headquarters in St. Louis as a food technologist in 1982. Jeff was promoted, in 1985, to senior food technologist and in 1987 became senior project leader for extruded cereals. In 1989 he returned to the Grain Science and Industry Department at Kansas State University as an instructor. In 1992 he completed his master’s degree and in 1998 he earned his Ph.D. He was promoted to assistant professor in 1998. Jeff started JAG Services, Inc., in 2003 and returned to the Grain Science and Industry department as associate professor in 2006. Jeff has authored or co-authored over 84 outreach articles, 8 referred articles, 6 book chapters or appendices, presented at over 125 short courses, training sessions and conferences in 18 countries. Jeff returned to JAG Services, Inc., full time in 2011 to provide consulting, training, and research services to help customers achieve their goals and maximize the return on their capital investment.

IAOM invites you to participate in the 6th Annual IAOM Southeast Asia District Expo October 4-6 at the Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We are expecting approximately 200 milling professionals from across the Southeast Asian region to participate in the two-day conference and expo. Based on the format of the Association’s annual meeting and other district meetings around the world, the international forum will bring together industry professionals for two days of educational programming, networking, the exchange of ideas, and the discovery of new products and services. This year’s meeting will also include a pre-conference workshop, which will draw additional interest from across the region.

Take advantage of these benefits:
• Display your innovations and develop your business with a new IAOM audience
• Meet the international decision-makers of the sector
• Attend the technical sessions
• Receive 2 registrations with your table top display space
• Over 4 hours of unopposed expo time in the conference program


Alapala Machine (4)*
Alapala manufactures quality and high performance machinery where the best efficiency and products can be obtained in highly developed and state-of-the-art production facilities. Alapala’s lines of business include wheat flour mills, semolina mills, corn flour mills, rice processing plants, feed mills, cereal storage systems, weighing, conveying, and packing equipment.

Bühler Asia Private Limited (5)*
Bühler is a global technology partner for the food industry, chemical processing, and die casting. Bühler is a leader in technologies for milling of wheat, durum, rice, oats, barley; feed and oilseeds, grain handling, brewing/malting, color sorting, chocolate/cocoa, pasta, paints/inks/chemicals, extrusion systems, thermal processes, nanotechnology. Bühler’s priority is to improve customer performance.

GGI (3)*
Golden Grain International is a mill engineering design and equipment supply company. Its marketing office is based in Hong Kong. Professor Li Dongsen, founded the holding company [Zhengzhou Golden Grain] which has designed over 400 flour mills (150-3,500 MT) within the PRC and the world market place over the last 12 years.

Satake Corporation (1)*
Satake business activities have centered on supplying plant and equipment to the rice and cereal milling industry for over 100 years. Satake’s employees are experts in the milling of wheat for bakery products, durum for pasta semolina, and maize for cornflakes, snacks and other human foods.

STIF (2)*


Sefar Singapore PTE LTD (27)
Sefar is the leading provider of synthetic and wire screening products for the milling industry. With 175 years of experience, world-class production facilities and a proven history of exceptional customer service, Sefar has become the industry’s top provider of high-quality industry from the end of the 90s.


Brabender® GmbH & Co.KG (30)
Founded in 1923 by Carl Wilhelm Brabender, Brabender® GmbH & Co. KG develops, manufactures and distributes as a leading supplier of instruments and equipment for determination of material quality and physical characteristics in all fields of research, development and industrial production in the chemical and food industry world-wide.

FP Spomax SA – FP Engineering LTD (26)
Designers and manufacturers of grain processing and handling equipment. Suppliers of complete flour and maize mills since 1882 with over 600 installations operating in more than 40 countries.  One of the biggest European manufacturers and suppliers of Root’s type PD blowers and centrifugally cast rolls for numerous industries.

Golfetto Sangati SRL (11)
Golfetto Sangati, part of  Pavan Group, is an Italian leader company experienced in the design and engineering of single machines and complete cereals milling plants, rice mills, animal feed mills, storage silos, and handling terminals for ship loading and unloading.


ANA Degirmen Sistemleri Vegida San. (47)
ANA Milling Systems, part of the ANA International group of companies, manufactures turnkey projects worldwide as well as modern wheat, maize, semolina and feed mills, cleaning equipment, plansifters, high-pressure fans, sleeve filters, bran finishers and vibrosifters. Its continuously updated technology and expertise in the milling industry offer efficient and flexible solutions to clients’ exact needs.

Balaguer Rolls (Spain) (10)
Balaguer has earned the trust of many of the largest manufacturers of food machinery equipment, who incorporate Balaguer rolls on their rollers mills worldwide. Balaguer also supplies rolls to end users: flour mills, edible oils factories, etc. in 120 countries. The annual production amounts to 12,000 rolls. With measures ranging from 150 to 812mm in diameter and up to 2200mm in length.

Behn + Bates (46)
Since 1933 BEHN + BATES has specialised in the manufacture of sophisticated packaging solutions for valve bags, open-mouth bags and FFS-bags of 10 kg up to 50 kg and big bags of up to 1,800 kg – with special focus on the global food industry from the end of the 90s.

Chopin Technologies (9)
For more than 70 years, Chopin’s range of products has been dedicated to quality control analysis for grains, flours, foods and feeds. Its international experience allows Chopin to propose complete and adapted solutions for all flour producers and users. Chopin’s team is comprised of highly-skilled technicians relayed by a network of more than 40 distributors worldwide.

Erkaya (45)
Founded in 2000, Erkaya is one of the leading and outstanding manufacturers of Turkey in the field of Basic Laboratory Equipment &ingredients for wheat mills and bakeries. Our vision is 100% customer satisfaction. Our sales team happily pays great attention to satisfying our customers from order to delivery.

FAWEMA GmbH (12)
For more than 90 years, FAWEMA has been leading the technology in filling pre-made and reel-fed bags. Today the privately owned German company is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers and service partner for state-of-the-art packaging solutions – ranging from standard bag fillers to complex, custom-designed systems.

Fischbein Packaging, PTE Ltd. (34)
Fischbein S.A. world leader in open mouth bags closing technology assembles, distributes and markets a large range of machines for Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The pieces of equipment are divided within the following ranges: sewing, sealing, gluing and combined means for manual, semi- and automatic processes.

Haubelt Laborgerate GmbH (13)
HAUBELT Laborgeräte GmbH was founded in January of 2006. Haubelt has been designed to test reological properties of wheat and wheat flour. HAUBELT Laborgeräte GmbH instruments are of a high technical standart, reliable and complied with the demand for simple and safe handling and easy to use. All instrument are very-well adapted to laboratory environment.

IMAS Integrated Machinery Systems (8)
IMAS, established in 1989, is a daughter company of İttifak Holding. For nearly a quarter century, it has produced turnkey grain milling systems with the MILLERAL trademark. IMAS manages manufacturing, marketing and after-sales services with an experienced, professional staff. It sets up complete wheat flour, semolina and corn flour mills throughout the world.

IMECO (39)
IMECO achieved 30 years’ experience in providing weighing, dosing, bagging and palletizing solutions for Cereals milling industry. Our machines have been successfully installed in plants throughout the world. Our goal:  develop smart solutions able to support our worldwide customers in achieving their business objectives in the most efficient way.

Kay Jay Chill Rolls Pvt Ltd (18)
Kay Jay Chill Rolls is dedicated to manufacturing rolls for the grain and cereal milling, flour milling, animal feed mills, oil milling, cracking and flaking, rice flaking, steel re-rolling mills, pipe and tube mills, mixing, soap, paint, rubber, packaging, chocolate, coffee, beverage, malting, paper, mineral and ore grinding and other various industries since 1975.

Mill Service SpA (28)
Planning, building and milling are three words that best describe Mill Service, a young but experienced company that in twelve years has successfully supplied more 60 plants around the world, ranging from upgrades of existing plants to turn-key projects for the grain handling and processing industry.

Muehlenchemie GmbH & Co. UG (31)
Established back in 1923, Mühlenchemie is a world market leader in the field of flour improvement. We develop solutions for standardization and optimization of flour, specializing in advanced enzyme systems and micronutrient premixes for nutritional enrichment. Innovative products are constantly added in order to address new challenges for the industry.

NEUERO Industrietectnik (29)
NEUERO is manufacturer of mobile pneumatic conveyors, grain vacs and ship unloader/loader for transport of bulk grain, plastics and other free flowing materials. The installations are suitable for agriculture, railcar unloading, milling and port handling with a range from 10 mtph to 2000 mtph capacity.

Continuing an age-old family tradition in flour milling, Mr. Guido Grassi founded Ocrim in 1945. Ocrim’s activity is concentrated in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art milling complexes to give high production yields, product adaptability, low operating costs, maximum reliability while guaranteeing the utmost sanitation standards through the use of stainless steel.

Omas Srl (44)
High technology is our daily bread. Our Research and Development department has a number of important innovations that distinguish us in the marketplace. Because we have grown by focusing on the best technology in the choice of instruments, because our team is composed of professionals up to date on developments in a constantly evolving industry. And because we like to be at the forefront in everything we do.

PETKUS Technologie GmbH (38)
PETKUS Technologie GmbH, founded in 1852, was the world’s first manufacturer of mechanical seed sorting equipment. Recently strengthening its presence with the acquisition of flour and feed milling equipment specialists ‘MMW’, the company’s core competence lies in the technological development of complete turn-key systems for seed, grain handling and processing.

Sankho Kaihatsu Co., Ltd (23)
This year Sankho Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. celebrates the 25th anniversary.  We are manufactures of “Sifter Sieve”. We supply sifting frames for Flour mills, Rice mills, Feed mills and all sorts of powder manufacturing plants. Our products are Japanese Standards and service minded towards clients and not just a one time service!!

Thermal Remediation from Temp-Air (22)
TEMP-AIR’s Thermal Remediation® heat treatment equipment is used to control stored product pests in bins and silos, food processing plants, and storage facilities. This patented process is an environmentally friendly alternative to chemical fumigation and has proven results in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Ugur Makina LTD. (24)
Ugur Makina Sanayi produces high-quality flour, semolina, feed, maize and rice mills; salt-processing equipment; and pasta lines (shortcut or spachetti). It builds sugar refineries, steel construction, steel silos, and turnkey facilities.

Vomm Impianti (21)
The Italian Company VOMM, since 1969, is worldwide leader in manufacturing  of continuous plants for the thermal treatment of flour, bran and germ.  The main thermal modifications are: precooking (batter coatings, breader coatings), pregel (baby foods, binder, starch replacers),  gluten  deactivation (cake, wafer, biscuit and soup flours), bran and germ stabilization, pasteurization, drying, toasting, etc…

Yenar A.Ş (25)
YENAR A.Ş produces chilled iron rolls, manufactured using a double layer centrifugal casting system for the milling, crushing and flaking industries. The production range of the rolls is from 100 to 800 mm in diameter and from 300 to 2000 mm in length. Rolls are produced blank, ready to be fluted or fully finished. Yenar is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier worldwide and certified ISO 9002.

Yucebas Machinery Analytical Equipments Industry (32)
The company started its activities in 1980 and specialized in instruments for the quality control of the grain and flour. The high quality production portfolio of Yucebas includes Flour – Dough Testing   Devices,   Rheograph,   Distograph,   Falling   Number   Device,   Gluten   Analyzers, Laboratory Mills  etc. The quality of our instruments  accepted  all  over  the world  and  the company is being one of the leader in this sector.

A block of rooms has been reserved at the Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel at a special IAOM rate of IDR 1.933.590 (plus tax) per night for a single or double deluxe room. To reserve a room, please complete the reservation form and submit it to the hotel by September 28, in order to secure the IAOM rate.

This sleek 5-star hotel in the business district on Jakarta’s western edge is popular with discerning business travellers. Here for meetings? Pullman Jakarta Central Park has all you need to get work done comfortably. And when you’re ready for a break (or hungry for all-day dining), pick up some cooking tips from master chefs at the Collage restaurant’s “Open Kitchen”.

For more information and directions on getting to to the hotel, please visit the Pullman Jakarta Central Park Hotel’s website.


For the most up-to-date  information about visas and travel to Indonesia, be sure to visit the official Indonesia tourism website at Wonderful Indonesia.

Registration for the 6th Annual IAOM Southeast Asia District Conference & Expo will open in 2015.

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District Leadership

Roger Wieser

Erik Chu Choong
Prima Limited

Teh Lam Chuan
FFM Berhad

Raj Kumar Garg
R R Flour Mills

Dr. Irfan Hashmi
GrainCorp Operations, Ltd.

Mark Lyons
GGI International, Ltd.

Elmar Nau
Interflour Group Pte Ltd.

Will Syers